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"I AM CAPTURED IN YOUR SHORT STORIES…very entertaining because the TWISTS are unexpected, and the stories have no resemblance to one another…wildly imaginative." 

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“Seems I’ve always led two lives…at the same time!” says Texas musician, visual artist and author Ernie Gammage. “I’ve made music since I was eight years old and as an adult have simultaneously been a chamber of commerce executive or an educator or worked for the State of Texas. And always, I’ve been a writer. Hey, I was the Senior Poet of my high school class! Whether it’s art, music or writing, it all comes from and goes to the same place. Story telling is the same no matter what the medium.”

As a musician, Ernie has appeared twice on PBS’s Austin City Limits and is a member of the Texas Songwriters Association Texas Music Legends Hall of Fame. As an artist, he exhibits at art markets around the state. His art, music, and writing can be found on this web site.

He lives on the banks of a creek in Austin, Texas with his wife and two somnolent cats.