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Ernie Sky and the K Tels CD.
Award-winning all-original soul and R&B.
Can't Live With You Blues - Ernie Sky & The K-Tels
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From their inception in 1982 until their demise in March of 1986, Ernie Sky and the K-Tels reigned as the finest blue-eyed soul and R&B band to emerge from Texas since the Boogie Kings. From Shreveport to San Antonio, Lubbock to Houston, this eight-piece Austin-based ensemble grabbed kudos and awards as they blazed a path of sweat-drenched soul and R&B across Texas and beyond.


Appearing with R&B legends James Brown, BB King, Albert King, Sam Moore, Lou Rawls and others, the K-Tels kept churning dance floors packed with their soul classics and classy originals. Along the way they released two well-received 45s and took home an armful of awards from the Austin Chronicle Music Polls including 1982’s Best Show by a Local Band (the Paramount Theater with BB King) and Best Male Vocalist; 1983’s Best Soul Band and Best Texas 45 (“Blackeyed Susan”); and, 1985’s Best Soul Band.


Driving the band was blue-eyed soulster deluxe, Ernie Sky, whose entertaining exterior and swivel-hipped stage presence belied a voice which sounded like “he gargles in gravel and hones his tonsils with a whet stone. He’s one of the best R&B singers around.”


Punching up K-Tel arrangements were the Mighty Big Horns, as tight and polished a horn section as ever played a Stax/Volt note. Band members included the three Winking Brothers from Illinois, Rick (guitar), Keith (trumpet), and Kent (trombone), Junior Pat Mackrell (sax), Brad Taylor (bass), Joe McCreary (drums), and Dave White (keyboards).


The key to the success of the K-Tels was non-stop danceable music (half of it original), good humor, sex appeal and liberal amounts of sweat mixed into some of America’s most enduring and appealing music.


Here’s what the critics had to say:


“Ernie’s voice might have inspired the phrase ‘blue-eyed soul’. He labors under the misconception that he was born and reared in Motown.”

             Austin American Statesman


“The band is one of the Southwest’s best proponents of soul music—the way it used to be played in the 60’s—and Sky is one soulful singer and frontman. The premier blue-eyed soul band in Texas.”

            San Antonio Light


“They lay down a dance beat that’ll make you want to sweat, tear your clothes and jump on tables.”

            Houston Chronicle


“The band cooks and Sky is a singer/shouter with few equals in this neck of the woods. The K-Tels play the rowdiest, but most convincing brand of soul Texas has to offer.”

             San Antonio Express-News

“…they (the Mighty Big Horns) boldly strike out on their own, weaving through the crowd just like this was New Orleans or St. Louis.”

            Shreveport-Bossier Times Picayune


“Ol’ Mr. Soulful himself, Ernie has a marvelous sense of humor and sings with a voice that will leave you gasping.”

            The Dallas Morning News


“…a brash hash of sounds, ranging from James Brown and Otis Redding to original music played with a steaming touch of blues and hot pop.”

            Shreveport-Bossier Times Picayune

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