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The Lost Austin Band's debut album, “The Lost Austin Band Live!” (Gambini Global) features iconic songs by the great Texas singer-songwriters and the band’s originals. Recorded live at Austin’s Saxon Pub at a July 2019 performance, the recording captures the essence of the music that became what is now known as “Americana.”

“’Progressive Country’ (as it was called in the mid-1970s) was a genre-bending intersection blending great Texas songwriters with great Austin rock and rollers” said Craig Hillis who put the group together in 2014. Band members are the “players and songwriters who were a bedrock part of this scene.” Members include Ernie Gammage (vocals and bass), Patterson Barrett (vocals, keyboard and pedal steel), Bill Browder (vocals and guitar), David Moerbe (vocals and drums), Craig Hillis (vocals and guitar) and Bob Livingston (vocals and guitar). All are members of the Texas Music Legends Hall of Fame.

In addition to songs by Texas songwriters  Jerry Jeff Walker, Townes Van Zandt, Michael Martin Murphey, Willie Nelson, Gary P. Nunn, Rusty Wier and others, the CD features nine original songs by members of the band. The first single release is “I Am A Cowboy,” a thoroughly original take on the dime novels of the 1880s American West.

Two of Austin’s Grammy Award winners contributed to the project:  audio engineer Chet Himes (Christopher Cross, Eric Johnson) recorded and mixed the project and Dick Reeves (Best Recording Package) provided art and design. “Capturing the joy of this music live was a real treat. The band was hot and the audience enthusiastic. And we got it all on the CD!” said Himes.

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